Mission Business Solutions

European and USA based Manufacturers are key to the success of the world Aerospace and Defence Market. Mission Business Solutions Ltd has leveraged over 30 years of experience in representing leading manufacturers in this sector on both sides of the Atlantic to provide a variety of Sales and Business Development services to international companies seeking to develop their business base within these lucrative markets.

MBS currently represents clients specializing in the following products with applications in Commercial and Military Aircraft, Satellites and Launchers, Missiles and Defence Systems.

Fluid Cooling Systems
Products: Pumps, Thermal Control Valves, Heat Exchangers, Reservoirs etc.
Applications: Satellites, Radar, Avionics, Missiles, Ground Service Equipment

Energetic Devices (CAD/PAD)
Products: Pin Pushers/Pullers, Cutters, Separation Nuts/Bolts, Initiators, Linear Cutting Charges etc.
Applications: Satellites, Launchers, Missiles, Airborne Countermeasures, Aircraft Safety Systems, Aircrew Escape Systems, Fire Protection Systems.